About Us

Who Are We? 

Discovery Zone Child Development Center first opened its doors in January of 2008 as a partial-day program with around twenty families participating. In nine years of operation, we have grown into a full time program for children six weeks to twelve years old, with over one hundred families enrolled! We are currently the largest early childhood education program in Yamhill County, and we are proud to offer year-round, full-day care for children, including a summer camp program for school age students.

Our staff team is made up of over twenty teachers, aides, and administrators who are dedicated to creating the best possible environment and learning journey for your child. Our group includes lifelong, seasoned early childhood educators, newer teachers just beginning their adventure, and everyone in between. We bring a diverse array of strengths, experiences, and passions to our center. Each of our staff members has chosen to serve children in this environment because of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Primary Influences

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Church on the Hill Purpose Statement
Courageously following Christ.

Family & Children’s Ministry Mission Statement
To develop spiritual, emotional and relational health in our homes.

Discovery Zone Mission Statement
Impacting children. Supporting and encouraging families.

Discovery Zone Philosophy
As an extension of Church on the Hill and as a part of its Family Ministry efforts, our objective is to provide a safe and comfortable space in order to influence a child in all domains of development and encourage a love for learning.

We believe that personal relationships, communication, and the classroom environment are crucial to this process. This includes relationships with parents and our surrounding community. We are devoted to modeling these relationships and communication skills.

Each child enters our center with knowledge of the world around him and comes from his own background and culture. We use this knowledge to drive our curriculum efforts and to support the inclusion of all children. Furthermore, we understand that open-ended exploration results in a child’s desire to learn and increase his self-concept and self-regulation skills. We strive to build upon this knowledge while encouraging a child’s individual strengths and abilities.


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  • Ministering to children and their families by showing them the love of Jesus Christ
  • A partnership between children, parents/guardians, staff, and the church. This encourages stability and connection between each partner in order to provide the best outcome for a child and his or her family
  • A safe and secure environment. We are committed to providing an environment that guards children or his/her family, and our staff spiritually, emotionally, and physically
  • Educating and supporting knowledge of child growth and development for staff and parents alike. We are all learning and growing together to provide the best for all children
  • A commitment to quality. We are dedicated to constantly improving our program in order to increase the probable outcome for each child
  • Guidance and discipline that supports learning with clear expectations and includes logical and natural consequences