Community Vehicles Day


On Tuesday, Teacher Kristen coordinated an exciting day for us! Interesting vehicles started to fill up the lower parking lot…a police car, a fire truck, two more different fire-fighting trucks from the Department of Forestry and Cross and Crown, a water truck, and last but not least, a HUGE log truck! Parents and community members generously took the time to show the kids all the different parts and features of each truck and explain how things work. The kids got to use a fire hose, climb inside the vehicles, touch the big logs, honk the horns, hear the sirens, look at their handprints in infrared through a thermal imaging tool on the fire truck, and even receive some fun momentos from Smokey the Bear. We are very thankful to the McMinnville Police and Fire Departments, Cross and Crown, and the Oregon Department of Forestry for spending time with us and creating such a rich and fun learning opportunity for the kids!