Four Program

Pre-Kindergarteners gain skills to guide them toward their future academic success.  The learning goals of our program include kindergarten preparedness, social finesse and mastery of gross motor skills.  We believe that four-year-olds are becoming aware of themselves as learners and are beginning to develop strategies for expressing their ideas in both spoken and written forms.  Our teachers will provide various opportunities to master these skills.

***Note: For this class your child must be completely potty-trained. 

K16B crop out PeytonWhat do I bring daily?

Please provide the following items for your four-year-old:

  • A blanket
  • Cuddle item from home
  • A change of clothes appropriate for the season (including socks, jackets, and swimsuit)
  • Sunscreen
  • A ready-to-eat lunch (nothing that needs to be microwaved or refrigerated) that includes one serving of each of the following food groups: bread and grains; meat or meat alternatives (i.e. beans, peanut butter, yogurt, or cheese); two servings of a fruit or vegetable. Please provide an ice pack in your child’s lunch to keep it cool.