“Rilee started coming to Discovery Zone when she was three months old. I had interviewed several places and found that there was no competition. I felt at ease knowing the ages were separated so each group was attended to according to their needs. The atmosphere was bright, loving and full of life. Rilee has flourished here more than I thought possible. As soon as she could sit in the infant table, you had her hands busy painting, coloring, and discovering new things.

The staff love the kids so much and encourage them in all ways.

Thank you for loving and taking such good care of our Rilee…we wouldn’t take her anywhere else.”

Julie and Dennis


“It is difficult to overestimate the impact the Discovery Zone has in the life of my family. Knowing that Tanner is in a loving, supportive, and nurturing environment every day is so important. Discovery Zone provides that environment. Tanner has the opportunity to do things that I wouldn’t even think of at home- sensory tables, exploring with paints, crafts, and music. I feel that the teachers at Discovery Zone truly care about my son and work hard to make school fun for him.  Thank you for continuing to provide excellent care to the most important person in my life- my son.”



“We were immediately impressed with the facility’s security preparedness. We liked the openness in your open door policy. We like how everyone knows everyone and how the classes are free to interact with one another. Every faculty member appears to be on the same page and together they have created an atmosphere of love, learning and personal responsibility. Needless to say, Avery’s confidence has grown by leaps and bounds and her attendance at the Discovery Zone has played a significant part in that. We feel very fortunate to have all of you in our community and know that as Avery continues to live out her adventure, we will always look back and be thankful for the part the DZ played in preparing her for what we all hope is a wonderful life.”



“I don’t think words can describe our feelings on how grateful we are that Kalysta attends school at DZ and the amazing loving care and learning environment that she is surrounded by daily. When we pull up to school Ms. K. gets so excited as she knows that a day of fun and learning is ahead for her with her friends and teachers!  I know that Kalysta has been given opportunities to learn and grow through exploration, sensory activities, music, exercise, etc. that no stay-at-home mother could do! People comment all the time about her and her “skills” and we credit that to DZ!! We will continue to enjoy watching Kalysta grow and learn with the help of her wonderful teachers at Discovery Zone! Thanks for all being so GREAT!!!!!”

Darci and Steve


“My husband and I were brand new parents when we started looking into childcare options. We had no idea where to begin or what questions to ask, or what to expect…this seemed to be how we were feeling on a daily basis with a newborn. We needed a place that we could really trust with a twelve-week-old infant. From the first tour it was evident how much the staff truly cares about each child and does what is best for each individual infant. The staff take the time to listen to us, as parents, and set up a routine and schedule for our baby based on what works for us as a family. I feel 100% confident leaving my child at Discovery Zone, and have never worried about him. He is so happy when I pick him up and his teachers are always positive and take time to inform me about his day. Handmade arts and crafts by our little boy will be keepsakes we will always treasure. THANK YOU DISCOVERY ZONE!”



“When Lincoln was gone from DZ for a week and on vacation in Arizona with his grandma, he talked about all of his teachers and his friends and how he wanted to bring them to Arizona so he could share all the cool things he saw with them. He also told us that he needed to go back to school because when he was gone from school his teachers and his friends missed him and he didn’t want them to be sad. It’s obvious by the things that he says that he hears a lot of positive talk and his self esteem is boosted by his teachers at DZ, this supports positive self talk and will have a lasting impact on him for the rest of his life. THANK YOU!

“Having a colicky and demanding young baby makes leaving them with someone else even scarier and harder than it would be normally. It was so comforting to know that she was getting wonderful care in experienced hands at Discovery Zone.

“I love taking my kids to Discovery Zone because of all the amazing teachers and staff that take such wonderful care of my children and make them feel as special as I think they are.”