Three Program

K17 Group paintingPreschoolers are introduced to cognitive skills such as sequencing and matching, social skills in similarities and diversity, and language skills such as storytelling and process-writing.  Learning centers for math, creative art, science, imaginary play and literacy are put in place to help promote each of these skills.

***Note: For this class your child must be completely potty-trained. 

What do I bring daily?

Please provide the following items for your three-year-old:K17s blocks

  • A blanket
  • Cuddle item from home
  • A change of clothes appropriate for the season (including socks, jackets, and swimsuit)
  • Sunscreen
  • A ready-to-eat lunch (nothing that needs to be microwaved or refrigerated) that includes one serving of each of the following food groups: bread and grains; meat or meat alternatives (i.e. beans, peanut butter, yogurt, or cheese); two servings of a fruit or vegetable. Please provide an ice pack in your child’s lunch to keep it cool.