What Do We Believe About Children?

During the months of January and February, we asked our community to share their beliefs with us. Answers were collected from parents, grandparents, other family members, and teachers, some on giant sticky notes in the hallway and some via Facebook or email. Here is the result.

What do you believe about children?

They have a lot of energy, and as adults it is our responsibility to guide them always on the right path and teach them with example.

They can teach you, just as much as you teach them.

They are vulnerable, strong, and impressionable.

They can do anything they put their minds to.

Children are life’s play-dough- it matters how you mold and shape them. If done with love and attention, the result can be miraculous!

They need diverse experiences to broaden their minds to what’s possible.

They are heavily influenced and are shaped by what they see, hear, and experience. Our words are powerful; intentional words can break off negative influence.

“Train a child up in the way he should go and when he is older he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Their feelings and emotions are valid and worthy of respect.

That they can and will do great things in the future.

They are what keeps our perspective.

They want to learn, be seen, feel love, and experience joy.

They are naturally good people.

They keep the world moving, changing, and hopefully improving.

They need love and loving touches- especially when sad/frustrated.

Children are rational beings who need firm boundaries, but freedom within them, and they need to be aware (told) what the boundaries are before being expected to act within them.

Arrows in our quiver, gifts from God that we should cherish and support, not control.

They are sponges! They want to see and do everything they see adults do. They will try anything especially if an adult does it.

They are innocent, and look to us for guidance and learning. They absorb everything, good or bad, and they learn by example.

They are like tofu. They start out a blank slate and take on characteristics of the things you mix them with.

Children are precious and innocent. They speak their truths and observe everything, which makes them natural learners. Everything is brand new so the excitement they show is genuine and organic and absolutely intriguing to watch.

Children are constantly expanding their internal and external worlds. They are unhindered and limited by what they don’t know.

Children watch and listen and learn from the ones closest to them. You, the parents. And then they go to school. Stay alert to what they are learning in school.

They have huge imaginations but just don’t know how to use them, because everything explains to them how to use things, and if not used the way they are told to use it then “it’s wrong.”

I believe they are honest and intentional, maybe purposeful is a better word.

I believe they are freaking incredible. They are creative and imaginative. They are kind and caring. They like to help and be given responsibility. They are hilarious and fun. They truly just desire to be loved and feel loved. They want to be seen and heard and known. That’s the game changer in my opinion. Seeing, knowing, and valuing a child for who they are and where they’re at, and that being ENOUGH. They’re extraordinary and need that, along with other truths, to be both believed and spoken over them, by the adults in their lives.

We have a huge responsibility, we hold our future in our hands every day. Their thoughts and innovations will change the world one day. They deserve the best from us. No kid should be left out or not given 100% of our effort to help them any way we can…our kids need to be valued as people, their thoughts, feelings and uniqueness. But we also need to encourage them to learn and grow the best ways that they can. Prepare them for what is to come.

Children are…

The most pure and sincere version of a person.

These amazing little people that want and need experiences.

Amazing kiddos who love to learn and grow.



Tactile- want to touch, explore.

The future. The values and foundation we instill in them shape our world’s future.

By far the best thing about life on Earth!

Intelligent beings and should be treated as such.

What we should spend our entire adult lives trying to be- loving, loyal, and affectionate beings who are constantly learning.

Smart independent thinkers who need experience and love to grow.

Little scientists.

Amazing and loving.


The hardest thing I’ve ever done and the most rewarding and fulfilling.

A blessing, the biggest responsibility that exists, and powerful.

Filled with creativity and imagination that needs nurturing.

How we mold and change the world. Let’s make it better.

Incredibly creative, thoughtful towards others, fun to listen to and hang out with.

What do you believe about your child?

They are my lesson of life after. They completely transform my perception of life.

She is absolutely amazing.

They are creative in their own ways, smart, sensitive, giving, goofy, and loving.

He has a unique purpose, and an amazing opportunity to impact others. He brings joy to others.

She is so smart, ready to learn, and can do anything she tries.

Hungry to learn!

They are the best!

Imaginative, energetic, honest, loving, creative, ingenious, desire to learn, explore, experience the world. If only adults would continue to live and love as children do.

They are creative, extraordinary, and empathic.

That he can do anything.

They are our bright future and can do anything!

He is my best friend, my reason to better myself, and I believe he will be an asset to the crazy world we live in.

They are very hungry to learn and need to be given questions to solve, instead of answers to memorize.

You have to parent each one differently.

That she brings out the best in others.