What we believe

As an extension of Church on the Hill and its ministry efforts, our purpose is to help children and families Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose and Play a Role. We cling to the calling that Christ has placed on us- to teach our community about Jesus. Our desire is to teach children about the Lord and support our families in ways they have never been supported. This is woven into everything we do. We will provide a safe, comfortable space where a child excels in all developmental domains. We believe personal relationships, communication, and fostering a love of learning in the classroom are crucial to this process. We are devoted to modeling relationships and communication skills, including relationships with parents and our surrounding community. Each child enters our center with knowledge of the world around them, including their own background and culture. We use this knowledge to drive our classroom planning efforts in order to support the inclusion of all children. Our desire is to build upon this knowledge while encouraging a child’s individual strengths and abilities. Furthermore, we understand that open-ended exploration and research results in a child’s desire to learn and increase their self-concept and self-regulation skills.