Impacting children. Supporting and encouraging families.

Discovery Zone is part of Church on the Hill. Our vision at Church on the Hill is to help people

Pray, Grow, Serve and Multiply

This vision, along with our CORE VALUES, dictate how we play our role in God’s story individually and as a community of faith.


Relationships are at the core of what we do. Our dedicated team cares deeply about each person we come in contact with. Children matter. Parents and guardians matter. Families matter.  Our team matters. Our community matters. 

We want to partner and build relationships with all parties in order to provide the best outcome for a child and his/her family. We strive to create a safe and secure environment where relationships are enhanced and connections are made; all in the name of Jesus.


We want to see growth and change happen, not just in children but in adults too. We are devoted to constantly improving our program in order to successfully impact the spiritual developmental and personal growth of children, families, and our team. We want the children to experience profound growth during their time with us. We want them to love learning and experience Jesus. With Christ as the center, growth will happen for all stages.